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Real Property Management

In addition to accounting and tax preparation services, Max Bussel and Company works with property managers to provide the best services and solutions for real property management. Our certified public accountants have years of experience and are highly educated to understand the financial obligations and tax implications of property management.


We provide a variety of reports to ensure your bookkeeping obligations are in order for your rental property. These reports include monthly account reconciliation, profit and loss statements, accounts payable reports, tenant receivables reports, and copies of monthly bank statements.

Max Bussel & Company also consults with property managers and property owners on new leases, lease renewals, and contract negotiation. A properly negotiated contract and solid lease will serve both the renter and the owner well. We also provide and assist with defacto property management should it be necessary.

Everything we do is aimed at making a personal connection with our clients. We know that many people rely on income from rental properties to maintain their lifestyles and invest for the future. Whether you are considering buying or renting a residential or commercial property or are looking to sell one in the near future, our team of experts can help you make the right decisions at the right time. Let us work with you to achieve your goals and dreams for a financially secure future.

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